lunes, noviembre 30, 2009


Medellín - Colombia

lunes, noviembre 23, 2009


Anatomía Provisional es una intervención en colaboración con Alejandro Monsalve y Andres Montes. En Cafeína-Restaurante. Cali. Colombia.


miércoles, noviembre 11, 2009


(I don't have any so beautiful memory about you.)

I dreamed last night with its lips in a trip.
I'm seated with another man but for a moment i lost this company to find it to you sleeping on my legs, and i touch your waist and you bristle.
And i approach to your face... and you open the lips.
We are moving in a bus trip.
I see your mouth, your open mouth, so i open lips and kiss you.
We kissed ourselves. Soon everything is entangled.
My full caramel mouth and the caramel is put hard.
I can't clear it of my lips, and you only greased a little.
Later you move away.
You gather your legs on the chair, you don't watch more to me.


miércoles, noviembre 04, 2009